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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Frustrating chores

There is always the day when you find your list of chores are too mind numbingly dreary to complete. Today was such a day. The first a simple task was to complete a job I had started about a month ago: replacing a nasty plastic doorbell with a chrome one. This was of course turned out to be not as simple as I wish. The drill bit was the wrong size, the screw driver had stripped the thread of the screw and a wasp nest was disrupted apparently by my attempts at D.I.Y and a flurry of furious wasps made short work of my desire to continue. Okay I thought, I'll wire the walls for the wisteria which was flopping all over the patio. This job went fine until I discovered the wire was too light weight to support the bulk of the wisteria. A list began to form: Larger drill bit, stronger wire and wasp powder, clearly a trip would be necessary to the hardware store.

Well there was the fence waiting to be painted, it was a job started many weeks ago and was so tedious, so incredibly dull that although I had begun I had only managed to do less than a third and could not bear to continue; so had prevaricated for as long as I could. Well it could be put off no longer... But anther obstacle frustrated my attempts to lay waste to my long 'to do' list: the paint brushes had harden off because the last person to use it had failed to wash it up and put it away properly. (That would be me then,..) With a true sense of relief I put 'paint the fence' back to the bottom of the chore list and added 'new big fence paint brush' on the shopping list.

There was clearly no other option but to go shopping, so I had a bit of a chance to start and finish at least one job this weekend.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Cool and calm

In the heat of summer, it is lovely to have a house that is cool, serene and calm.