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Friday, 13 January 2012

Mid Life

a) Aged between 40 and 55?

Source: via Levi on Pinterest

b) Acutely conscious that life hasn't panned out for you quite the way you thought it would when you were 18?

c) Obsessed by your childhood, especially your inability to remember it?

d) Alienated by  technology?

 e) Scared of cancer?

 f) Even more scared of death?

g) Planning your retirement even though you know it will be a wasteland of impoverished misery?

Source: via Diane on Pinterest

 h) Nervous of all the young people in your office?

 i) A lot happier when you've had a couple of glasses of wine?

 j) Okay, half a bottle? Well maybe a few .....

 k) Getting divorced?

 l) Consoling friends who are getting divorced? (Yeah its'll get over it...have a drink!)

 m) Worrying about what all those drugs you took when you were younger are going to do to you?

n) Stuck with a tattoo you hate?

 o) Tired. Just really really tired?

p) And depressed?

q) And angry. Christ, where does that anger come from. Why did no one prepare you for it?

 r) 'Growing out' of all your clothes?

Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

 s) Turning into your parents?

t) Thinking about moving to the country?

 u) Puzzled because you seem, somewhere along the line, to have lost all the friends you actually liked and acquired a load of new ones you barely know?

If you have answered 'yes' to more than half of these questions, then you are officially middle aged, experiencing 'mid life'.

Great news, retirement is round the corner and you have earned the right to sit back and feel just a tiny bit smug and ever so, ever so knackered!!

Welcome to my world...

love Beardog xx

Thanks to The Midlife Manual by John O'Connell & Jessica Cargill Thompson.

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