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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Working from Home

In an effort to save cash, the organisation I work for decided to close down our offices and make all staff work from home. Sounds wonderful doesn't it, being at home all the time and avoiding the stressful commute to work every day. In the summer  you can be working in the garden, in the winter working from your bed!!

The negatives are: It can be lonely. And it can be frustrating especially if you're not that organised and your office is so small you can barely swing a hamster.

However it does give me an excuse to revamp my home office. I have my eye on a desk like this:

Or one like this:

My office currently looks like this:

And not like this:


I'm too ashamed to show you the glory hole that is my office. Maybe one day I'll give you a peek when I tidy it up.

Although I do have a plan;  hubby is off to California in a week or so for 3 weeks so I will do a make over on his office, which is much scruffier than mine, and that's saying something!!

I have something like this in mind, only much smaller:

Minus the flowers of course!!
And some good storage in my office for crafts etc:

Love Beardog xx

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