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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Getting in the mood

 I am getting in the mood for the Royal wedding, the bunting is up and the cakes and buns are ready, champagne is on ice and a bank holiday looms: how fantastic is that.
 I am getting in the mood for summer, these past six days have been wonderful with sunshine and blue skies, blossom and early tulips. More of this please God and more time off work too!
 When all is blooming outside, don't you just feel in the mood for flowers in doors? They look beautiful.
 I have been motivated to tidy my tiny office...will be working at home soon and want to be in a lovely space. New shelves and a lick of paint.
 Feel in the mood for smiling too...all is well with the world, all is well with my world to be accurate.
 Repainted this cupboard to fit in with my office colour scheme: grey and deep purple with touches of yellow: sounds grim: looks fantastic!
And later on today, I will be in the mood for a long country walk with Roo and George, a stop for a drink or two in the pub by the river and a good but gentle walk back home.

Yes definitely getting in the mood.....

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I fully accept that having decorated a room, and often this is when the paint is still drying, that it will be changed at some point. Any day now I will get over my fetish for the colour grey and move on. I will find myself getting out the Farrow and Ball paint chart and hanging my nose over wallpapers at www.Wallpaper Direct, and cruising the fabric aisles at Jessops: a change will be imminent. I don't mind this, I am the sort of person who will move  furniture on a whim; change is in my nature. However there are some jobs I expect to only do once and never have to think about again. All the structural, electrical and plumbing jobs, should never need to be done again in my considered opinion...but apparently in the real world this is not so.  Every week it seems a new repair man for either the drains, the electrics, the heating, the alarm system is at the door at my behest because there has been some malfunction or another. Enough already!! In response to the ever increasing costs I have joined forces with British Gas and taken out one of their insurance policies that covers all household calamities.  I can now focus my attention on how to make my tiny office beautiful, what to do with my clutter and designing my summer house...oh and planning the best party ever for Hubby's birthday.

 The Summer House currently: In 18 months you won't recognise it, as it will be entirely different and quite beautiful.
 My darling, long suffering, hard working hubby. He has never had a birthday party, so its about time he did. He is a lovely, generous and very kind man.
I have decided it has to go: into storage while I figure out a new approach to my interiors. By the time I have that figured out, my clutter will seem like treasure again.

bye for now xx

PS: one day I'll actually get off this Merry-go-round...honest.

Saturday, 9 April 2011 of those days

sun shining, blue sky, Abba on stereo: loud. cut the grass, put in bedding plants. Cleaned the house, hung out washing, made supper, drank wine, went on a walk by the river, washed dog, hoovered up, made cups of tea, wrote a list of things to do, organised Dyno Rod to clear blocked drains, wondered if I should paint cupboards, did grocery shop, changed sheets, swept yard, wondered why my friends don't like me, spoke to sister on phone. sorted paperwork, emailed son, pretended to be cheerful, watched film, emptied bins, weeded gravel drive and cried.....

Friday, 8 April 2011

My name is Beardog...

Much like the character in 'My name is Earl', I have been going around for the last 6 months righting the wrongs ( perceived, real or imagined) that I may or may not have done in my long life. So I have apologised to all three people I've pissed off. However I am aware there may be many many more who feel they also need an apology. If this is you please let me know so I can issue the appropriate level of  heart felt regret immediately.

I will then move on to returning items that don't belong to me but have somehow come into my possession. Alison I still have your pink spotty Lycra short from a holiday in France in 1998!! Alex, your bandana has been part of my running kit for three years but as I don't run anymore, it is washed and iron and waiting to be reclaimed. I have books aplenty...who do they belong to, why don't people put their names in them?? Towels too and remarkably spoons and a random bowl.

After all that I will be free and guiltless. I can be a cankerous old bag and accrue new sins with a whole new copy book to spoil by blotting. 


If I had a penny for every time I told myself that I could get so much more done if I only had the time. I discover to my great shame that NOW I have the time; no kids demanding things, no paid employment cluttering up my thoughts, nothing much that I can't dismiss, but still the chest that needs painting, and shelves that need hanging, wallpaper that should be chosen and bed room re-modelled;  all gets left undone. Of late my solitude leaves me unmotivated, I have long long lists of things to do, plans in my head stay there unfulfilled.

I think I need the hurried, demanding short of time madness to urge me on to achieving all I need to do.

Being alone...simply leaves me alone with no drive to do anything but listen to the silence and do nothing at all.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dogs go travelling..

This is my brother's house. I was never more relieved to pull up to his drive than today.

Roo and I in Cheltenham.

I am, without doubt, crap when it comes to navigating. I could get lost in my own village if it wasn't for the dog who knows her way home. And we are talking a small village. So when my brother invited me up for a couple of days of chillaxing, I was initially quite excited, but as the day arrived to travel, I got a severe case of nerves. I was okay on the M1 because I've driven on it before but when it became complicated ie: Junction 14, right on B4509 and M42 turning into M5 and all that jazz, I started to freak out a little. Not helped at all by Ruby farting almost consistently throughout the three hour drive or her insistence that she sit up front and put her head on my knee. So after a long and nerve racking journey, I arrived  and was quite frankly shocked not to be greeted with a hot cup of tea and vallium.

A gentle 2 mile window shop in a strange landscape, ie: Cheltenham, soon perked us both up. Now I am dreading the drive back......

PS: Roo was a big hit with the natives.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Creating a Home That Inspires Your Life

Creating a Home That Inspires Your Life

I really like this blog and I like it because it doesn't take the piss out of wanting to make your home a special place to live in!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

in and out doors

ten green bottles

rustic charm

twiggy pencils

indoor greenhouse

Ruby is one today!!!

As a special birthday treat, George and Beardog take Ruby for a long walk besides the river. Usually only Beardog and Roo go out for walks.
Look what I have found, she have some, it's a delicious cow pat. We politely decline and swiftly move on....
Two forces of nature about to collide. Ruby runs at full pelt everywhere and George takes big giant steps. Ruby is still only a pup and so is George!
I stop to contemplate the beauty around us. Aren't we lucky to live in such a wonderful place and isn't it a lovely day for the Roo dog's birthday!!
Come on ...I've run up this bank at least a 100 times already!! says Roo, showing off just a little. But it's allowed today as you're only 1 once.

Happy Birthday Ruby Hendrix Boo and many many more, love Beardog & George xxx