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Beardog and Joolz

www.Beardog and is our on line shop that sells vintage and new items for the home. We also sell jewellery and gifts. We originally started Beardog and Joolz because we wanted to find lovely unique items for our own homes. We went to auction houses, antique centres and markets, car boot sales and charity shops. We searched online sites and came to the conclusion that unless you dedicated hours a week, the likelihood was it was very difficult to find the exact right thing you needed. So to make the most of our efforts we decided to do it full time and to share our finds. We also do up small pieces of furniture and occasional complete a few interior design consultancy jobs. We are small and but growing business. We alway make sure we pay attention to detail, our customers satisfaction is our main concern.

Please visit our site and see what we sell...your comments and opinions are always welcome.