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Monday, 22 August 2011

a little more grey, a little less aubergine

It all started with the sofa springs popping. Our big old sofa was 11 years old and had suffered under the weight of quite a few bottoms. It was no surprise then that it was getting tired. Our sofa is big and very comfy and was extremely expensive when we bought it. To replace it like for like would set us back £3,000!!!!

So we decided to re-upholster it: I chose a very heavy weight textured linen which Hubby immediately found fault with, "Its cream!" he said, stating the obvious when I showed him the fabric sample, "It won't last five minutes with the dog and red wine and tea!" His final nail in the coffin was "And you're so clumsy."

Discussions began...formal in their nature and then not so formal. Finally, we settled on a very heavy weight textured linen because it is the best. So the dog will have to lie on the floor and FYI Hubby: I am really not that clumsy.

With the sofa fabric settled on, the next obvious step in our sitting room was a change in the furniture, or should I say a change in the colour of our furniture. Currently both  the armoire and large dresser are painted in  a rich dark aubergine. I fancy Paris Grey and a little gentle distressing.

Hubby can't bear the thought of the whole upheaval, luckily his work takes him off to sunny California for a week. I am armed (with Annie Sloan Paint, a paint brush) and could be considered dangerous... this space!!!

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