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Thursday, 25 August 2011

First the prep...

I love transforming a room with the magic alchemy of paint. It is always a wonder to me that a room can go from dull, cold and uninspiring to warm, cosy and spectacular with the simple application of paint!! However as much as I love the transforming thrill of painting, I do not enjoy the associated mess and that is where the tedious bit of decorating comes in: the prep!!

It can be avoided, but really you shouldn't as failing to prep properly leads to more work further along the road. Who hasn't spend hours scrubbing paint splashes from floors or trying delicately to remove a smudge of paint from a cushion?? Just me?? Well I've learnt my lesson and now I make sure the first job when painting a room is the prep.

It is worthwhile removing as much furniture as possible from a room before decorating, I appreciate that this isn't always feasible. Luckily painting the sitting room this time was facilitated by Mr Upholstery Man, Robert removing the huge sofa to recover it for me; so the biggest obstacle to a good paint job was removed. ( It also gave me the opportunity to refinish the floors too).

fireplace all masked taped off and covered.

The skirting boards, light switches, sockets, door trims and floors were all masked taped off and covered with dust sheets. This admittedly took me about 2 hours but then the painting was relatively plain sailing after that.

I went from a darkish grey to a deep luxuriant burnt brown which is the new black. Here's a sneaky peek:

The paint goes on chocolate brown but dries a dark almost black burnt colour.

The full reveal of my sitting room will come soon, just need Robert, Mr Upholstery Man to return my sofa. But I am so excited with how it looks so far. Will also blog the new look furniture too.

Have a great weekend.


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