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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


How exhausting is decorating. Been at it all day. But soon I will be able to show you the results of my labours.  It is funny however that one small design decision can lead to so many more small and huge changes. The decision to re-upholster the sofa has led to a change of wall colour and a re-painting of furniture. Here are some of the photos that have inspired my design choices:

Painting furniture in a pale grey means that they will make a big impact against the very dark walls.

God, as always is in the detail and will add the extra wow  factor.

Distressed furniture ironically is calming and peaceful.

Dark walls are just too chic, just on vibe and makes any room elegant and declares its individuality. 

More drama on the wall with the use of a strong dark colour!

Dark on dark for extra POW!

I am getting excited about the final look of my sitting room, my choice of a very dark  paint for the walls in contrast to the cream/beige linen sofa will add a zing to our this space for the final reveal!!! 

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