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Friday, 8 April 2011

My name is Beardog...

Much like the character in 'My name is Earl', I have been going around for the last 6 months righting the wrongs ( perceived, real or imagined) that I may or may not have done in my long life. So I have apologised to all three people I've pissed off. However I am aware there may be many many more who feel they also need an apology. If this is you please let me know so I can issue the appropriate level of  heart felt regret immediately.

I will then move on to returning items that don't belong to me but have somehow come into my possession. Alison I still have your pink spotty Lycra short from a holiday in France in 1998!! Alex, your bandana has been part of my running kit for three years but as I don't run anymore, it is washed and iron and waiting to be reclaimed. I have books aplenty...who do they belong to, why don't people put their names in them?? Towels too and remarkably spoons and a random bowl.

After all that I will be free and guiltless. I can be a cankerous old bag and accrue new sins with a whole new copy book to spoil by blotting. 

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