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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Getting in the mood

 I am getting in the mood for the Royal wedding, the bunting is up and the cakes and buns are ready, champagne is on ice and a bank holiday looms: how fantastic is that.
 I am getting in the mood for summer, these past six days have been wonderful with sunshine and blue skies, blossom and early tulips. More of this please God and more time off work too!
 When all is blooming outside, don't you just feel in the mood for flowers in doors? They look beautiful.
 I have been motivated to tidy my tiny office...will be working at home soon and want to be in a lovely space. New shelves and a lick of paint.
 Feel in the mood for smiling too...all is well with the world, all is well with my world to be accurate.
 Repainted this cupboard to fit in with my office colour scheme: grey and deep purple with touches of yellow: sounds grim: looks fantastic!
And later on today, I will be in the mood for a long country walk with Roo and George, a stop for a drink or two in the pub by the river and a good but gentle walk back home.

Yes definitely getting in the mood.....

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