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Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I fully accept that having decorated a room, and often this is when the paint is still drying, that it will be changed at some point. Any day now I will get over my fetish for the colour grey and move on. I will find myself getting out the Farrow and Ball paint chart and hanging my nose over wallpapers at www.Wallpaper Direct, and cruising the fabric aisles at Jessops: a change will be imminent. I don't mind this, I am the sort of person who will move  furniture on a whim; change is in my nature. However there are some jobs I expect to only do once and never have to think about again. All the structural, electrical and plumbing jobs, should never need to be done again in my considered opinion...but apparently in the real world this is not so.  Every week it seems a new repair man for either the drains, the electrics, the heating, the alarm system is at the door at my behest because there has been some malfunction or another. Enough already!! In response to the ever increasing costs I have joined forces with British Gas and taken out one of their insurance policies that covers all household calamities.  I can now focus my attention on how to make my tiny office beautiful, what to do with my clutter and designing my summer house...oh and planning the best party ever for Hubby's birthday.

 The Summer House currently: In 18 months you won't recognise it, as it will be entirely different and quite beautiful.
 My darling, long suffering, hard working hubby. He has never had a birthday party, so its about time he did. He is a lovely, generous and very kind man.
I have decided it has to go: into storage while I figure out a new approach to my interiors. By the time I have that figured out, my clutter will seem like treasure again.

bye for now xx

PS: one day I'll actually get off this Merry-go-round...honest.

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