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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dogs go travelling..

This is my brother's house. I was never more relieved to pull up to his drive than today.

Roo and I in Cheltenham.

I am, without doubt, crap when it comes to navigating. I could get lost in my own village if it wasn't for the dog who knows her way home. And we are talking a small village. So when my brother invited me up for a couple of days of chillaxing, I was initially quite excited, but as the day arrived to travel, I got a severe case of nerves. I was okay on the M1 because I've driven on it before but when it became complicated ie: Junction 14, right on B4509 and M42 turning into M5 and all that jazz, I started to freak out a little. Not helped at all by Ruby farting almost consistently throughout the three hour drive or her insistence that she sit up front and put her head on my knee. So after a long and nerve racking journey, I arrived  and was quite frankly shocked not to be greeted with a hot cup of tea and vallium.

A gentle 2 mile window shop in a strange landscape, ie: Cheltenham, soon perked us both up. Now I am dreading the drive back......

PS: Roo was a big hit with the natives.

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