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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Year 2012

It is 2012, it is raining and very windy, I am out walking the dog. Christmas feels like a blip in a sea of ordinary day to day stuff. I'm back where I started but with more cleaning to do and a ton of mince pies no one wants to eat. I am thinking about spring and my garden. It has been so mild over the past few months that all the bulbs in the garden are already showing their tender green tips. There is no big freeze or snow storms predicted by the weathermen but it can and does snow even as late as March/April, so we will see. But I have great plans for the garden, all of which of course involve money. So it will be slow and hopefully  the better for the lack of haste.

By February, the new year feeling will have gone, no doubt. Time will fly by. But I have decided that this year, I will have put in place the seeds for a new way of life.

For now I will visualise my improving garden and consider  my new life adventures and finalise my plans to make it all happen.


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