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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Exercising: the new religion

I am on a mission to be fit and fine by fifty. Although I seem to recall a similar mission for my forties but hey what's a decade between friends. However I have always been fit, always been a runner or done some sort of exercise, but not as consistently as I should. Subsequently I have spent time being fat(ish) (not including pregnancies, that is legit fatness!) being uncomfortable and feeling unhappy with the way I look. But I have my mojo back. And this time it is different!!  Honest Indian! This time it isn't a mission about being size 10, (although it may be a very welcome side effect) and its not even about competition either (after all I am only competing with myself).
It is however all about staying alive.  Its about staying alive and staying alive WELL, it is about reversing the effects of ageing on my body.
IT IS NOT about wrinkles or grey hair or nasal hair because they won't kill me but being unable to move fluidly and bend with suppleness and walk with a bounce in my step and be super energetic are things that once absent can lead to decrepitude, slowing down, coming to a stand still and death. I want to be the super fit old person the one who does not grunt and groan when they stand up or shuffle instead of walk or who is crippled with aching joints and bad knees, but who thinks nothing of going for a run and dashing about having adventures.

The other alternative to 'appear' young is of course plastic surgery. Wrong for so many reasons that I won't go into just now.

I could afford plastic surgery if I wanted it desperately enough and saved up, but I don't want it because it just makes people look fake and it takes NO effort just cash. In the end you need the effort to stay alive because money isn't oxygen and there are a lot of dead rich people in the grave yard. (Yes I know there are lots of dead poor people too ). But all the research indicates that exercising and keeping fit, using muscles and eating well can contribute to a healthy old age. I don't mean I am trying to avoid EVER dying, after all who wants to live forever, but I don't want to spend my retirement unable to enjoy myself and moaning and groaning....boring!!!

It seems to me only natural to want to feel good and to want to get out and about and do fun stuff, there is sooooo much FUN stuff to do!!!

Check out this website ( one of hundreds) for information, instruction, hints and tips on getting healthy and fit: and this for information on ageing well :
and ageing interestingly:

Get out there and just do it!!!


Love you go exercise!!!

One last tip that works for me:


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