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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Waiting to reclaim my home

We're having work done on our house. So far it has been a nightmare which started in April 2009 and I've just been informed by husband that it will not be completed until sometime in early 2010. I am so frustrated, I could cry. Mostly it is the endless promises that are broken that defeat me. It is the way that my home feels like a workshop or a garage or a pit stop for builders with five minutes to spare. It does not feel like my home, my heart does not sigh with contentment when I open my front door. The feeling is one of anxiety: what mess, or broken ruin thing will I find today? Husband is endlessly stoic and patient, I am not. I am that broken and ruin thing that the builders have created. I started out with so much hope and excitement and now I am the exact opposite. Yes worse things have happened at sea, this is not the end of the just feels like it.

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