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Friday, 4 June 2010

Recipes for Quick Summer Lunch

When the weather is good, I for one , do not want to be stuck in the kitchen. I want to be able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. So I have a few very quick recipes that can add up to a very presentable lunch with the addition of a bottle of chilled white wine or two.

Sweet Pear, Pea and Potato Salad

This is a recipe that takes no time at all to prepare and is light refreshing and delicious served with fish or chicken.

You need enough new potatoes to serve however many people you're feeding, along with frozen peas, and a good size sweet and ripe pear, peeled, halved and cored.

Fresh mint, black coarsely milled pepper and mayonnaise and a slurp of extra virgin olive oil will also be required.

Cook peas. Chop new potatoes length ways
(there is no need to peel) and cook in salted water until just tender.

Drain and add cooked peas, chopped mint, roughly chopped pears.

Add mayonnaise to taste with a dash of olive oil and a generous grind of black pepper.

Serve slightly warm with:

Salmon topped with pesto

Have a skinned salmon fillet for each guest, season lightly with salt and pepper. Place each salmon in an individual non stick, grease proof baking paper, add lemon juice, a dash of olive oil, and top each fillet with a level table spoon of pesto.

Parcel up the fish and ensure it is sealed sufficiently and place in a ban marie. This should take 20 minutes in a gas mark 5 oven.

Serve the above with a lovely salad.

Lunch in the garden.

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