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Sunday, 24 October 2010

An Age of Austerity

Sunday 24th October 2010

We are in an age of austerity, there are calls for strict budgeting and the tightening our collective belts. The reality is dire for us all and even worse for others who will lose their jobs, incomes, even homes. It is at times like these that we have to become resourceful, to make do and mend, to organise ourselves to use our skills to make the best of what we have. Of course we could easily allow this economic down turn to be an opportunity to practice rigorous asceticism, to deny ourselves even the smallest crumb of comfort. But that I believe would be a terrible shame, a mistake even. Now is a time when we must take comfort where ever we can find it. Now is the exact time when having a welcoming home that excites our senses is of paramount importance. To get through and out the other side of this recession, we need to keep positive, stay optimistic and enjoy our homes and family life. Some things can cost very little to cheer our souls; a roaring log fire, a brisk walk in the autumn afternoon, a freshly baked batch of scones with a nice, cup of hot tea, a favourite tv programme and the Sunday papers or having friends/family over for a simple lunch.

This is indeed a period of financial austerity but it does not have to be an age of creative austerity too.

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