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Monday, 3 January 2011

Kitchen Aid

I am a ‘basher’, or ‘a bit heavy handed’ as my mother would say. A trait great for the initial kneading of bread and for digging tree stumps out of the garden; but for anything else it is a liability. So, knowing this about myself, I have always preferred and bought heavy duty kitchen equipment, which can with stand my clumsy bull at a gate approach.

This has worked out very well really, as I have a selection of kitchen apparatus that has withstood the passage of time and my cack handed use of them. Of all the equipment I have, I love my MERCURY cooker and KITCHEN AID mixer best of all, mostly because I use them every day. They are solid and reassuringly heavy. The Mercury cooker is a huge and beautiful beast with a main oven that can hold an 18kg turkey and five powerful gas rings. It is also a thing of sleek beauty, designed to do a job and not over embellished with twiddly bits to impress those impressed by bling. It is a solid piece of kit and worth every single penny. So too my Kitchen Aid is heavy and shiny and robust. Every cake, meringue or pastry I have ever made, starts here.

Although these things may cost more, I have had them all for many years and will have them for many more I am certain.

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