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Friday, 3 June 2011

The Don't list: No time for tea and cake.....

Everybody as far as I am aware has a 'To Do' list usually chock full of with chores and tasks that make up the fabric of our 'adult' lives. These lists are what make us competent, mature adults, right?? These list allows me to imagine I am coping marvellously in a world that demands so much from me and my limited time. My 'To do' list is an impressive thing, it has headings and sub headings and asterisk to denote urgency and red strike throughs to declare: task completed ( although admittedly not so many of those these days) Usually my 'To do' lists makes me feel tired, it berates me for failing to complete the tasks, it tortures me by growing ever longer. I keep it in a draw in the kitchen to avoid the guilt of being several chores behind, but nevertheless I can unfortunately recite the 'To do' list verbatim.  I carry it about in my  conscious like a talisman to my inability to be a proper grown up responsible human being, it wears me down like water dripping on a stone, until I have the groove worn in my brain that says: you're unorganised and lazy.

As I was sitting about this morning, staring into space, my brain on yet another hiatus: a thought wandered in..'what if..' my little brain suggested, ' you had a 'Don't list' instead of a 'To do' list??' The possibilities for lounging around would be endless I thought. Don't clean up, don't cook dinner and whatever you do, don't mown the lawn. Unfortunately my thoughts quickly moved on to the more restrictive don'ts; don't drink wine, don't waste time, don't forget to mown the lawn and cook dinner. It would seem that the 'To do' list has a firm grip on me, even when I try to throw it off the scent by ignoring it,  it simplely masquerades as a 'Don't' list!

So I have the list out before me and I am going to start on it now: I will be hanging the washing out if anyone needs me and after that i will be knee deep in ironing!

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