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Monday, 4 July 2011

Harder than it looks...

I am so behind...I have so much to do that actually writing this blog constitutes (in my to do list book) not a very constructive use of my time. :0(

I am in awe of all those bloggers who make maintaining their homes, cooking fab meals and attending to small children, whilst sourcing, restoring and selling vintage furniture, in between taking fantastic photographs and writing e-books and updating their blogs everyday, look so easy.

How do they do it? Seriously...I mean how do they???

Not long ago I bought some little treasures with the intention of doing a Annie Sloan paint job on them. Remember these:

I had all sorts of plans for them. I was even enthusiastic about my plans for them. I honestly thought that I could cram in another hobby, into my chore ridden days, hampered by the inconvenience of a full time job, a large garden, a dog to walk , a non self cleaning house and a Mr Restored to keep fed and watered. Ha! and Double Ha! 

My energy did a spectacular no show, only determination and stubbornness turn up at the starting line. 

Yes, the Before pictures of the chair, bedside cabinet and table look a bit untidy, dull even but I am not sure the After pictures make them look any better. But here they are, I'll let you judge for yourselves:



PS: be kind, I did paint them in my sleep.....

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